Ross MacTaggart enjoys wearing several hats: writer, researcher, architectural designer, carpenter, and urban observer.  After decades on the east coast, MacTaggart is now living in rural Kansas surrounded by the largest remaining intact prairie in America an ocean of grass. 

MacTaggart was born in 1957, in Detroit, Michigan, and spent his childhood weekends aboard a fiberglass sailboat (while pining for the few classic wooden yachts that plied Michigan's Clinton River), and later moved to New York City, where he had a thriving architectural design business during the 1980s and early 1990s. Retiring early, MacTaggart felt himself drawn to a calmer life than New York could provide; Kansas has offered a refuge since 1996. When not writing and researching, MacTaggart restores vintage lighting.

MacTaggart is finishing the third volume of THE GOLDEN CENTURY series. He is also working on LEGENDARY LINERS. This multi-volume series will depict the greatest ocean liners ever built, with breathtaking images and large scale deck plans. The reader will understand these extraordinary creations like never before possible.